Date: June 2, 2022 or 210.816.1086

San Antonio, TX – Former County Commissioner and Republican nominee for Bexar County
Judge, Trish DeBerry, today announced a bold action plan to protect Bexar County school
children from horrific attacks like those that occurred last week in Uvalde.

“As a mom, my first thought is that we must continue to lift up the Uvalde community in prayer
and support families who lost loved ones in the unspeakable tragedy at Robb
Elementary. However, prayer alone isn’t going to make our schools safer. We must act now to
ensure the safety of all our children and teachers in Bexar County. I am submitting the following
School Safety Initiative to the Bexar County Commissioners Court for immediate review. These
ideas are intended to kickstart debate and drive a conversation to act on what we can control
in Bexar County. Let’s start talking now about substantive policies and programs that are non-
partisan, focused on action, and fully funded. The down time during the summer months
presents us with the perfect opportunity to get things in order before our kids return to school.”

School Safety Initiative
Goal: Create uniformity of school security across Bexar County. A child’s safety should
not be determined by what side of town they are born and raised.

  1. $5 million to conduct uniform risk assessments of all Bexar County campuses. If we
    don’t know where every school is in security measures, we are failing our families. Identify
    schools at risk, costs to cure, and prioritize funding.
  2. $3 million in funding to provide active shooter training. Uniform training across all
    school districts so all responding entities are on the same page for emergency response
  3. $2 million to establish the “Bexar School Safety Joint Task Force”. Include members
    from federal, state, county, local, and SD representatives. With over 16 school districts, with
    varying levels of security measures in place, community leaders cannot ensure the safety
    of our children. We need a centralized hub to create cohesion and accountability. The JTF
    will coordinate data sharing so potential threats to one campus are shared countywide.
  4. $2 million to Create a Funding Stream for zero interest loans to economically
    distressed school districts. The security of a campus should not be limited by which
    district a child is born in.
  5. $2 million to conduct a Mental Health Resource Assessment. Ensure every campus has
    access to immediate mental health resources to identify and respond to possible threats.
  6. $1 million to create a social media special division through the Sheriff’s Office for
    potential threat reporting. Social media presents a unique challenge to threat reporting
    and accountability. We must establish new protocol and points of contact to report and
    follow up on social media threats.
This isn’t about politics, it’s about our children, and as a single mother of two, I cannot stand
by waiting on elections or Congress to determine the future of our school safety. We must act
on what we can control. I am calling on Bexar County leadership to initiate an immediate plan
of action to secure, fund, and protect our schools.