Date: December 13, 2021

San Antonio, TX – Precinct 3 County Commissioner Trish DeBerry filed her paperwork to run for Bexar County Judge. DeBerry will join the Republican Primary scheduled for March 1, 2021.

Commissioner DeBerry had the following statement:

I am running for Bexar County Judge. This decision is about every resident of the County who wants lower property taxes and safe streets. It’s about families who want their children to have every opportunity to succeed. It’s about jobs and protecting small businesses who have been devastated during the pandemic. This is about bringing the entire County together with strong leadership, focused on accountability and transparency. In my time on Commissioner’s Court, I have lowered taxes, protected victims of Domestic Violence, and held every department, from the Sheriff’s Office to the County Manager, accountable for every penny of taxpayer money.

Throughout my career I have been told that I should wait my turn, that the odds were against me, or that what I was trying to do was too hard. I am raising my kids to always work hard, tell the truth, and do what you think is right. Today I’m taking a little bit of my own advice. Win or lose, I intend to make absolutely certain this race is about all of us and ability, not about any one of us and ambition.”